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Handcrafted fashion by Kate Diaz

My task is for every woman to… lipstick Be sexy, Be elegant and Feel unique!
Offering the highest quality in all my products, which are made with love, passion and dedication.


Our swimsuits fabrics are of Italian origin with UV radiation protection and swimming pool chlorine resistant, the rhinestones used in every swimsuit are from Czech Republic, they do not peel off , corrode or lose brightness, and the tip/terminals are of French origin and made of zamak metal with a gold bath, so they do not lose brightness, fade, discolour or rust. Swimsuits are patiently hand-embroidered by experts artisans to ensure each piece is unique.

Emeralds Jewellery

Emeralds are stunning gems known for their mesmeric green colour. They depict the most energetic, Luxurious and elegant of all precious gemstones.
In Colombia you find the finest, purest and highest quality emeralds in the world, so, we only use Colombian emeralds brought directly from Muzo mines in our jewellery.

Curious fact: Emeralds emit energy of unconditional abundant love that helps you release negativity. Promote creativity and eloquence, restore faith and hope.

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Store image

Embellished wayuu bags

Bags are true art made by Colombian wayuu indigenous who live in la Guajira.
Each and every wayuu bag is handmade, not factory-made. Each bag takes around 15-30 days to be hand-woven and around 5 hours to be embellished.
The bag has a great potential to impress anyone with its charming and mesmerizing outlook. Our Colombian bags will become your savage accessory to take out whenever you step out of your home, they look great with any apparel because of its vibrant colours and designs, it compliments every outfit. Whether you opt for a casual pair of jeans, a bikini or a formal attire, you don’t have to think twice before picking up your handmade Wayuu bag.
These handcrafted bags are high quality, as they are woven with physical and mental skills, so they will not let you down on quality, durability and looks.
The cool and quirky patterns make the bag distinct from each bag, so you will never see the same bag again!